Complete Watch (in no particular order):

When We Were Young 2018
Meteor Garden 2018
A Love So Beautiful
Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me
My Mr. Mermaid
Rush to the Dead Summer
The Big Boss
Dragon Day You’re Dead
Attention, Love!
Love O2O
Quuen SOP
Boss & Me
Moon River
Fall in Love With Me
In Time With You
Drunken to Love You
Down With Love
Hi! My Sweetheart
Fated to Love You
Miss no Good
Corner with Love
Why Why Love
Romantic Princess
Tokyo Juliet
Hana Kimi
Devil Beside You
Meteor Garden
Meteor Garden 2

Watch half- to finish later:
Accidentally in Love (Netflix)
Refresh Man
Just You
Gloomy Salad Days

Something that I can’t bring myself to finish:
Pretty Man (hmm the mood of the drama is just not my cup of tea)
The Devil Master (supposed to be sequel to Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me but different actors and halfway it’s ridiculous)
Miss Rose (It’s actually good, but I just cant stand to look at how Roy Qiu’s act. Sorry)
Love Buffet
Love or Bread
Smiling Pasta

Waiting List:
Skip Beat
Summer’s Desire
Autumn’s Concerto


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