My Mr. Mermaid

Seriously, chinese drama, seriously?! Ah! My sleepless night! This is one of the best this year as well! Gah! How can it be so awesome. So little flaws. Not so much angst, well plotted, realistic swimming competitions, reporter business and all. Ah, what not to love? Also, YIBAI!

Look at the height differences. One thing I noticed that their height difference shortened when close up. Looks pretty during kissing and all, but I just hope they don’t show zoom out scenes of those close up cuz we’ll notice she probably step on something. (or is it just me?)

And I also love the 2nd loveline, Qi Ruifeng and Yang Yang! Although when they get together is less tense.




Exactly because of this poster, I shy away from watching this eventhough I know poeple been saying this drama is good. I thought this is another You’re Beautiful. But boy am I wrong.


School 2017 is over. *sobs* I’m going to miss Tae Woon. And so I want to watch all Kim Jung Hyun so I found out about this 2-episode short drama. 3 of the actors were in School!! Jung Hyun, Sunhwa and Hee Chan! It’s a fantasy romance drama and I’d recommend it. Damn it. I cried for 2 episodes.

School 2017

Ah. Tomorrow’s the last episode. I watched this in search of something to fill that void of waiting for more Attention, Love. Gah. I thought this was already over when I decided to watch this but scratch my head in vain when I finally watched episode 14 and realised there’s no episode 15 yet! But good thing I watched episode 14 on last Saturday, so I only have to wait 2 more days. While I admit I think the previous School was better, but this drama slowly grew on me. I like that all female characters are stronger in dramaland now. Ra Eun Ho was a bit over the top a bit in earlier episodes, but she’s toned down now. Aaaannndd Tae Woon definitely makes you swoon. Ha.(Isk. He even good at singing!!!)  I like that he’s just like any other 18 year olds. I like that there’s no love triangle.



Eee! And he constantly blurts out his love like that.

Attention, Love

OMG! ItaKiss Fans should totally WATCH THIS!!!!!

It’s up to Episode 5 now, 1 hour and 10 mins full of FEELS. I can’t even…




7 Days Queen

I watched until episode 14 and been holding it off til now. I can’t bring myself to finish this great drama. T^T

I love everything about this drama, from the childhood, Neok Chon and husband-wife, til he became king. While watching it doesn’t feel like long and by the time I know it I was already at episode 12 (that time it was the final episode’s week.) I read Dramabean’s recap. I was emotional, and couldn’t bring myself to finish the rest. Lol.

Now that I’ve finished watching it, I think this is the best drama of the year, and the love life of Lee Yeok and Shin Chae Kyung is the best one. I’m glad Shin Chae Kyung is Shin Chae Kyung. She’s strong, smart and resolute. Park Min Young really really shines as Shin Chae Kyung and I think this is her best role. Same goes for Yeon Woo Jin and Lee Dong Gun.

I was a fan of Lee Dong Gun since I started watching drama 15 years now. I was happy with his comeback when he did drama with Yoon Eun Hye and Yong Hwa, Mirae’s Choice. I think he was the OTP with Mirae, but writer messed up with this one, goes to Yong Hwa instead. I didn’t watch Super Daddy Yul and Laurel Tree Tailors but heard Laurel Tree Tailors is a good drama.

And.. YEON WOO JIN! How can you not LOVE his VOICE!!!!



The Sound of Your Heart

Ha. I watched this on Netflix TOGETHER with my husband. It’s a rare case which he watch together with me. I kind of forced him to sit with me and watch and we watched it til episode 8, ended at 2am! Lol. Oh, god, Lee Kwang Soo.

This drama is so funny and often I had to facepalm because it felt embarassing even for me. I can’t imagine how funny would it be reading the manhwa (I wonder if it’s scanlated?)

Age of Youth

I decided to watch this because Season 2 is going to air soon. I’ve heard really positive reviews of this drama and has been in waiting list. (Pfft. Just look at that loooong waiting list >.>)

And yas! I’m really glad I watched it. And now I can’t GET ENOUGH OF IT. I’m just going to say that I really dissapointed not seeing our chef and Jin Myung in Second Season. Boo. I really really like their love story in Season 1. The other one is the awkward Eun Jae’s sunbae and boyfriend. Aww. How cute is he? Did you notice his red ears everytime his face is close to Eun Jae! And I’m dissapointed with Park Hye Soo not playing her character but someone else instead. But GLAD he’s in the second season.

Suspicious Partner

All dramas this cycle have not been easy for me. It worth whole year of good dramas! Argh!

What’s memorable about this drama?

    • Kisses

This got to be my fav kisses of all. Pretty.

  • How badass Bong Hee is. (cr: tumblr)


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