Wow. Feels like forever since I fully enjoyed drama again. It has been almost a year since my last entry, and nothing much changed. I don’t know why but there are only very few dramas that I watch it til the end. Most of them dropped halfway. >.<

School 2015

I read Dramabeans article about worst ending and School 2015. And I thought what could be worse rhan 49 Days ending? I started watching and can’t comprehend how would this show had a bad  end of Episode 10. I see pos

Shitsuren Chocolatier Thoughts

Watched 2 episodes. Saeko-san this, Saeko-san that. Good lord, move on, already! *wide eyes*

With this, I have enough.

I can’t keep calm watching these two episodes, so I went search around about the rest of episodes. Someone said that it is actually a love story between Souta and other girl, so that’s a relief.

And I can’t keep watching Ishihara Satomi in that character. Bring back the innocent Ishihara Satomi! Heee! But, it’s a well done by her. Sasuga.

And, Junpei! Argh! It’s good to see you there! I want you to be in main lead more! More!


26 Feb Thoughts: OK. So by the end of Ep 2, something actually looks different and I’m curious what’s going to happen by the Erena’s existence in Souta’s life. I thought that everything finally going to change in ep 7, looking at how things going in ep 6, but w-what? what happened?! It’s like it’s going back to square with that kiss in the end of ep7! Poor Erena! And yay for Olivier! Yayy….


Checked this out and this is just like a live fanfiction.

*makes me remember my old days with Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync & 5ive fanfics! >.<

Emergency Couple

Watching the first four episodes, I wasn’t really hooked with the story. What’s with the obvious cases happened and all. And I can’t really get used to the Song Ji Hyo actress. Her Running Man presence is too strong for me. ^^; But, the last scene of episode four, made me decide that I’ll go ahead with the loveline!

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