Suspicious Partner

All dramas this cycle have not been easy for me. It worth whole year of good dramas! Argh!

What’s memorable about this drama?

    • Kisses

This got to be my fav kisses of all. Pretty.

  • How badass Bong Hee is. (cr: tumblr)





Finished watching this drama. I really like all characters, their connections and all. It’s sad how it is end, but that what will make this drama memorable for me. Love the OST!



It’s been very rare cases for me where I ship the 2nd lead so hard. Watching Hwarang I despise all writers for making 2nd lead so kind, so cool, so understanding, life saviour and what not. I mean why??? Why????????????? So unfair!! What did my king lack? Nothing! Seriously. *rolls eyes* He’s been so openly declaring his feelings for you how can you not sway and feel nothing! Ahhh.

This post written at my episode 10 watching.1115346v_1612140155_15.jpg

Lucky Romance

While watching Cinderella and Four Knights, because Park So Dam is short haired, I kind of missed Hwang Jung Eum’s acting. 😅

So, I started watching Lucky Romance.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart

I thought that I wouldn’t like this drama… but wha-? I am totally hooked.

Who said the side characters and only Jun Ki shines? Tsk tsk. I like all of them, well not to this is the best drama evaaaa extent, but probably because I have low expectation of this, that it took me by a surprise.

Now I’m curious with the original Bu Bu.
Honestly, I am a bit turned off hy Jun Ki when he appeared in Running Man. Why are you too skinny? Why? Look so fragile. And Ha Neul is adorb when he was so embarassed doing all the chants and childish thing in Running Man.

But man, hail, Wang So!

Cinderella & 4 Knights


I wouldn’t recommend and only watching for prettiness. The background music is ugh, too much and romantic scene bgm. Please stop playing like the magic stardust coming out of it. Although pre-produced, the editing looks sloppy. Pretty much like Boys Over Flowers. Ha Won’s friend is annoying with her talk. I wish she could stop talking that way and speak normally.
That aside, I am still curious about the backstory between HW’s mother’s connection with JW’s mother. Don’t tell me they’re not connected when they died on the same day.


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Who doesn’t love crossdress drama?!!! And a sageuk at that?!!!

This drama is beautiful, acting is spot on, and chemistry! I like that there’s depth to Lee Young. He’s not typical playful prince but serious and smart.


W: Is it hyped? Popular right now? While I’m watching the episodes, it kind of feel that the writer seems don’t know what to do in between. The general plot is great, manhwa world and real world. But what’s with the romance? Urgh. *rolls eyes* Which episode was that? The sudden marriage? The sudden Kang Cheol falls for Yeon Joo? Why? How? The professor is right. Everything’s a mess. I was on verge of dropping it, until the No Face appear and makes things interesting.  Kind of skip the romance scenes and only watch what happened with No Face.

And I’m not feeling the chemistry between the main leads. Just the same as Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young in I Hear Your Voice. His chemistry the best with Park Shin Hye (this girl, who doesn’t when with her?). He looked so smitten with her in that drama. Lol. And Lee Jong Suk looks so much like coming out of a manhwa in this drama. Good gosh.

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