Fav Pairings

I was trying to title this page as “Fav OTPs” but then sometimes I do ship leading lady with 2nd lead man, so this going to be Favorite Pairings instead.

Series: High Kick Through the Roof
Pair: Lee Ji Hoon & Hwang Jung Eum

Not together at the end, but their moments together are priceless. Such a chemistry.
tumblr_mrdl5cyVh01qmcq3wo2_250 tumblr_mrdl5cyVh01qmcq3wo1_250 tumblr_mrdl5cyVh01qmcq3wo3_250 tumblr_mrdl5cyVh01qmcq3wo4_250

But if I were to choose who I want Hwang Jung Eum to be paired with next. Definitely, Jung Il Woo. Couldn’t get enough of short love story in High Kick Through the Roof.


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