Hong Sisters dramas are hit or miss for me. Sad about Big, and I don’t even start Warm and Cozy. Anyway, I tried not to expect anything from this drama. I know Lee Seunggi! Cha Seung Won! So I watched the first four episodes. AND I can’t really help but to compare it to Goblin. Too much almost similar scenes and setups. This is only me. I only feel this way. For example, the way they walk first past each other, the song, Lee Seunggi sitting on building. List goes on.

BUT. This strangely starting to creep inside of me. Lol. I keep thinking about it. Oh, Son Oh Gong, his conflict and straightforward about killing her and loving her. What? If I were Jin Sun Mi, I’d be so confuse as hell as well. I’d react exactly like her. Haha. Gosh, Son Oh Gong.


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