Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku

After watching My Mr. Mermaid, I’ve been missing watching Okada Masaki. My favorite dorama of him would be Otomen. I know it’s not a popular drama. I read the manga once. It was funny, and the drama is as funny!

This drama showed up in my radar few times in my tumblr feeds. I know it’s a good drama but don’t have the mood to watch it then. But it has my two favorite actors! Okada and Gakky! Why I stayed away from it?! Well, I guess because it’s a fantasy drama? It’ll be good if it’s done right, and bad if it’s too much. I remember trying to watch one of the Kame drama, Yokai Ningen Bem and couldn’t even finished Episode 1.

And yes, I like how light this drama is. Just what I needed. I like how Yakusuke knows he’s attracted to Kyoko and pursued her even though he knows she’ll forget it. The cases are OK. My favorite episode would be when they stayed up for 5 days straight in Kyoko’s room. Haha. That was hilarious. But that’s what happened when you’re close with someone. Haha. Ah, I wish Kyoko will remember those moments.

And damn it. This series screams Season 2. There are so many things left unanswered especially about Kyoko.

And this is my favorite scene. I root for Yakusuke all the way, and finally!

(Ah, look at that yasashii smile)
(she finally broke down saying I guess what’s she’s been feeling deep down inside.)

credit: Japanese Drama Tumblr


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