School 2017

Ah. Tomorrow’s the last episode. I watched this in search of something to fill that void of waiting for more Attention, Love. Gah. I thought this was already over when I decided to watch this but scratch my head in vain when I finally watched episode 14 and realised there’s no episode 15 yet! But good thing I watched episode 14 on last Saturday, so I only have to wait 2 more days. While I admit I think the previous School was better, but this drama slowly grew on me. I like that all female characters are stronger in dramaland now. Ra Eun Ho was a bit over the top a bit in earlier episodes, but she’s toned down now. Aaaannndd Tae Woon definitely makes you swoon. Ha.(Isk. He even good at singing!!!)  I like that he’s just like any other 18 year olds. I like that there’s no love triangle.



Eee! And he constantly blurts out his love like that.


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