7 Days Queen

I watched until episode 14 and been holding it off til now. I can’t bring myself to finish this great drama. T^T

I love everything about this drama, from the childhood, Neok Chon and husband-wife, til he became king. While watching it doesn’t feel like long and by the time I know it I was already at episode 12 (that time it was the final episode’s week.) I read Dramabean’s recap. I was emotional, and couldn’t bring myself to finish the rest. Lol.

Now that I’ve finished watching it, I think this is the best drama of the year, and the love life of Lee Yeok and Shin Chae Kyung is the best one. I’m glad Shin Chae Kyung is Shin Chae Kyung. She’s strong, smart and resolute. Park Min Young really really shines as Shin Chae Kyung and I think this is her best role. Same goes for Yeon Woo Jin and Lee Dong Gun.

I was a fan of Lee Dong Gun since I started watching drama 15 years now. I was happy with his comeback when he did drama with Yoon Eun Hye and Yong Hwa, Mirae’s Choice. I think he was the OTP with Mirae, but writer messed up with this one, goes to Yong Hwa instead. I didn’t watch Super Daddy Yul and Laurel Tree Tailors but heard Laurel Tree Tailors is a good drama.

And.. YEON WOO JIN! How can you not LOVE his VOICE!!!!




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