Age of Youth

I decided to watch this because Season 2 is going to air soon. I’ve heard really positive reviews of this drama and has been in waiting list. (Pfft. Just look at that loooong waiting list >.>)

And yas! I’m really glad I watched it. And now I can’t GET ENOUGH OF IT. I’m just going to say that I really dissapointed not seeing our chef and Jin Myung in Second Season. Boo. I really really like their love story in Season 1. The other one is the awkward Eun Jae’s sunbae and boyfriend. Aww. How cute is he? Did you notice his red ears everytime his face is close to Eun Jae! And I’m dissapointed with Park Hye Soo not playing her character but someone else instead. But GLAD he’s in the second season.


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