W: Is it hyped? Popular right now? While I’m watching the episodes, it kind of feel that the writer seems don’t know what to do in between. The general plot is great, manhwa world and real world. But what’s with the romance? Urgh. *rolls eyes* Which episode was that? The sudden marriage? The sudden Kang Cheol falls for Yeon Joo? Why? How? The professor is right. Everything’s a mess. I was on verge of dropping it, until the No Face appear and makes things interesting.  Kind of skip the romance scenes and only watch what happened with No Face.

And I’m not feeling the chemistry between the main leads. Just the same as Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young in I Hear Your Voice. His chemistry the best with Park Shin Hye (this girl, who doesn’t when with her?). He looked so smitten with her in that drama. Lol. And Lee Jong Suk looks so much like coming out of a manhwa in this drama. Good gosh.


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