Shitsuren Chocolatier Thoughts

Watched 2 episodes. Saeko-san this, Saeko-san that. Good lord, move on, already! *wide eyes*

With this, I have enough.

I can’t keep calm watching these two episodes, so I went search around about the rest of episodes. Someone said that it is actually a love story between Souta and other girl, so that’s a relief.

And I can’t keep watching Ishihara Satomi in that character. Bring back the innocent Ishihara Satomi! Heee! But, it’s a well done by her. Sasuga.

And, Junpei! Argh! It’s good to see you there! I want you to be in main lead more! More!


26 Feb Thoughts: OK. So by the end of Ep 2, something actually looks different and I’m curious what’s going to happen by the Erena’s existence in Souta’s life. I thought that everything finally going to change in ep 7, looking at how things going in ep 6, but w-what? what happened?! It’s like it’s going back to square with that kiss in the end of ep7! Poor Erena! And yay for Olivier! Yayy….


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