Ha! I’m watching Giant right now. Hee. I’ve long heard about how good this series is. But because I’m skeptical about its poster (didn’t know it was a period drama) , it never in my list. Just look at that. Lol. And then I heard about the good love story between uri Hwang Jung Eum and Joo Sang Wook pair. And my friend suggest for me to just watch their part because of the long episodes.

Anyway, I don’t know what prompt me to watch it that day, I’m probably still in Hwang Jung Eum mood. But yes! I love the couple! and I love their love story!

I’m currently watching up to 33 Episodes. If you’re OK with longs episodes, full with revenge (practically everyone is driven by this), dirty politics, hateful characters (Min Woo’s dad. Good god. I hate him so much plus his voice! I can’t believe he’s the sweet dad in Can You Hear My Heart. Another Hwang Jung Eum!). But inspirational. Lee Kang Mo is. How his character has develop so far. My life principle has always been this. If you hate what others do to you, never do that to others. I keep telling that to my husband and my children. And Lee Kang Mo is exactly. Yes, he’s out there to avenge his father’s death, but by giving those involved a lesson (I believe so) and not trample them down (unlike his father). I believe Lee Kang Mo’s childhood is harsher than his hyung and dongsaeng and I’m glad that motivates him instead seeing how his the most mischievous and naughtier among the three during their childhood.

8 Dec: Finished! With all fast forwards! Too much politics for me to digest! But in the end all happy ending except for the brother! Argh! I wish he could get married to the rookie.


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