Master Sun ep16 & ep17

Ep17: OK. I take it back what I said last night. Lol. It was such a good and SATISFYING ending. Love JG n TY and everyone gets their own sweet closure.

Ep16: I’m having less and less time to watch drama. And apparently there’s no drama which got me hooked and thus the interest into watching drama lessen. Even when I was browsing drama, I keep getting skeptical “Will this drama be any good?” I blame kdrama land for that; lately it feels like they’re doing the same thing over and over, or maybe I’m just getting tired of the obvious storyline-s and acting-s offered by kdramaland. Is it because I watch too much of it? That I can tell, what will happen and so on?

Even so, I’m still watching Master Sun (with rolling eyes and groans; for tonight’s episode mostly). I love both SJS and GHJ chemistry. But the lines, ufff. It feels like they’re forcing the lines out of their mouth. I love last week’s episodes. As much as I hate they’re using amnesia element, I forgive that cuz the longing of JW for GS is oh, so perfectly effects so many feels. I just really hope we won’t go through the amnesia GS’s ver.

If yes, I hate episode EXTENSION!


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