Sayonara~ Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo

The show ended! *sniff* It was such a nice ride. There were bumps. Slow pace towards the end. Like it actually could just make it to 11-13 episodes instead of 16. But it was such a satisfactorily ending. I squealed so much at the proposal! And the kisses!

Ep 16!

Broadcasting Kotoko’s main point of love life to the school, as always. *smirks* So with what her friends said, she’s seriously considering Kin-chan. I agree with you’ll be happy with someone who loves you more.

Dad comes with new house’s discussions. She asks her dad how would it be if she marries Kin-chan.

Irie Naoki Misery part 1: Kotoko drifting away from him part 1

Can’t contain his jealousy ne. Shows his realself to Sahoko and promises her that he wouldn’t do that to her. Of course, she catches up on what he says. He only shows that side of him to Kotoko and not her and what else could it mean?! xD

Irie Naoki Misery part 2: Kotoko drifting away from him part 2
Aihara papa announces to Irie family that they’ll move out. When Naoki comes home late, Irie mama adding fuel by saying Kotoko’s late as well, might be on date with Kin-chan and might not even come home tonight! Ha! He brushes it off. And Irie mama tells him that Aihara family will move out of the house.

Irie Naoki Misery part 3: Kotoko drifting away from him part 3
Since he’s busy with the company and dates and Kotoko with the restaurant, they don’t get to see each other at home. Looking for her, Naoki? Tsk tsk tsk.

Anyway, Sudo looks, thinner? O.O And for the first time, Yuko actually looks pretty, now that she’s not a threat. ^^;;; Saw her the other on the local tv, she was in Kamen Rider. 😀

Irie Naoki Misery PEAK!
Jinko spills the bean about Kin-chan’s proposal. Way to go Jinko!
Hah! You just can’t contain it anymore, right? You just can’t think anymore your future without Kotoko, right? You think even with you married someone else, Kotoko will only love you, right (which I can’t say no to that =.=)

Adding more fuel to the jealousssy.

Jinko: Somebody decided to have a marriage
of convenience with a rich girl.
In the beginning,
she was so depressed.
But at the end,
she realized her real love.


I’m so heartbroken for Kin-chan. Won’t screencap or say anything about his scenes. 😦

The Long Awaited Rain Kiss!

I like how he gently release the kiss.

The proposal.

This is my fav scene in this episode. It’s like his wall his broken and he’s showing he finally showing his trueself to everyone, to his family. I’m actually happy for Irie Mama!

The confession.
Awww.. we need more lovey dovey scenes!

The wedding.
Love that he kisses her back. Awwww

That’s it! My thoughts on the whole series. At first I really think this is going to be my most favorite of all the adaptation, but no. I think ISWAK is still the best of all. Not because of ISWAK is longer episodes so I invested more in their stories no. It’s just that there are few things that I kind of couldn’t agree on with Love in Tokyo like how they made Kin-chan so angelic and crushes him just like that. Selection of scenes. Like how certain episodes is just.. slow… and unnecessary… But, LIT is the most cinematographic and good looking actors! But for the best potrayal of Naoki and Kotoko, I’d say LIT has the best Naoki and Kotoko. ^^


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  1. Yes, it has the best naoki and kotoko version.
    n i’m agree with u, that Iswak and they kiss again was the the best. because they like has a true story, a real live story.

    1. Cant compare they kiss again since it’s after marriage although i like they kiss again more than iswak but yeah both main leads of iswak has more chemistry and they’re more natural and felt real while love in tokyo. Hrmm. LIT had the best high school moments but once they’re in the uni, i dont know the rhythm n the pace changes. I kind of expexting it to be the same beat and exciting as when they’re in high school.

  2. I’m so sad INK is over! I think I liked the rain scene better in ISWAK than in INK. I’m not sure why. But I really like the wedding scene when Kotoko kisses Naoki herself! So cute!

    1. I like ISWAK rain scene better as well. Probably because in ISWAK we can see Zhi Su’s agony before the kiss, and we can feel the tension there. in LIT add that weird slow mo umbrella and raindrops. it just kills the feels. and it over in just seconds? hmm. and I like the wedding kiss as well!

      But I’m relaay dissapointed in how they made Kin chan do… 😦

      1. I think the thing for me is that even though the script is SUPER similar in both scenes somehow I like the way Zhi Shu & Xiang Qin said the lines. Somehow there was more emotion and it sounded more natural.

        Yeah did Kin’s character do that in ISWAK? *can’t remember anything*

      2. I think he did. And it’s not weird at all because he’s a a bit like that. The LIT kin-chan, they make him very nice right. Like he’ll always make Kotoko happy and put her above anything else, so it’s weird to see him resorted to something like that… Hmmm.. Maybe just me…?

    2. Actually heisui, now that I think about it. That’s the worst marriage proposal done. I re-watched the proposal scene in ISWAK and at least Zhi Su asked Xian Qin “Will you marry me?” but here Naoki just said, “Ii na, Kotoko?”, that’d be translated as “Would it be alright with you?”.

      Would it be alright with you??!

      1. I also have gripes over how the marriage proposal went. T__T Especially when Kotoko’s dad was all “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT HER?”. COME ON! He should’ve said “HAHA YOU GOTTA PROVE YOURSELF FIRST, NAOKI.”

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