I Hear Your Voice

I Hear Your Voice is a supernatural (yay!) drama with the lead who can hear people’s thoughts. Useful, huh? Useful at times but most of the times I bet is tiring. Right now I’ve watched until episode 10. It’s an OK drama for me. I’m not interested in the loveline except earlier Kwan Woo and Hye Sung, but it seems that that ship is impossible now. I don’t ship Soo Ha and Hye Sung because of their age gap, no. Because I don’t feel their chemistry whatsoever.


I continually watching because I want to see how they’ll win over Min Joon Gook. Hmmm..

I finished my two dramas a week ago, Soratobu and Kazoku Game. In the quest of choosing my next drama to watch to accompany Itazura na Kiss which only shows one episode per week, …. cruel for a 16-episodes drama.

I was planning to watch another spring j-drama, Kasuka no Kanojo. Heard it was good. But when I stepped myself to Dramacrazy, my holy land of jdrama goodness, they shut down! What?! Well, I kind of understand. I didn’t found out why it was shut down, but if I’m in fansubbers’ shoes, I’d be happy. LOL.

Anyway! So, I went back to Kdramaland. I Hear Your Voice, Monstar and Cruel City are in my radar. They are all ongoing series. I started I Hear Your Voice first because it’s supernatural. Now that I think about it, I really should start completed dramas. The list just keeps growing. :/



He said that he could hear thoughts when he looks into their eyes (he should wear cyclops eyewear. xD) but then there are couple of scenes where he could read without even looking into their eyes or maybe he could read with just a glimpse look?


The car accident scene and the murder took me by surprise. Like, really. That’s when I decided that I’ll continue watching this drama.

And Min Joon Gook, wow, he’s downright evil. Eventhough, it looks like he swayed a little bit by how much Hye-Sung mother cares for him. But yeah, he believably a criminal, all right. Which makes me remember a movie called Zodiac based on true story. Everyone who knows him testified that he was a good citizen. And most of the murderer were all like that, weren’t they? I’m actually curious the history between him and Soo Ha’s father. It doesn’t look like Soo Ha’s father knew him?


For the first two episodes, Lee Bo Young looks awkward to me. Dunno. But she gradually becomes natural with her character.

And out of all characters, the dorkable Kwan Woo is whom I like the best! The scenes between him and Hye-Sung is what I enjoy the most. Well, up til he’s not wearing his glasses anymore. I missed the old Kwan Woo.



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