Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo ep 12

Seriously, should they make Kin-chan so awesome so that they can break his heart into million pieces and us as well in that process? Honestly, this is the first time I strangely felt that I can’t ship Naoki and Kotoko happily without feeling guilty.

His face when Kotoko dreamily talks about her dream of following dreams of the person she likes, which all creatures in this universe know who that is, pfft. I scream NOOOOO! so hard for her to stop talking about it! Seriously!

Deep down inside I think Kin-chan aware of Naoki’s feelings towards Kotoko now when he saw Naoki shooting those love beams towards Kotoko through his eyes. But he’s in denial and still hoping. Oh, Kin-chan.

As much as I’m waiting for the climax raining scene, I’m hoping that they won’t make Kin-chan force his kiss on Kotoko. Well maybe tried to gently kiss her and she looks away. But, arrrrggghhhh to think that his marriage proposal will be rejected. Aaaarrrgghhh!


By the way, the ‘just now’ decision made by Naoki, when exactly you think he made it? I think it’s when Kotoko said to him what Kin-chan told her. That it’s like liking another person. Kin-chan indirectly taught Naoki another life lesson! That’s what I thought. XD


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