Soratobu Kouhoushitsu

Who knew I’ll end up watching this dorama? Despite having a little grudge over Gakki (well my husband kind of liking her a little too much. LOL) Kidding. =p

It’s good! What trigger me to watch it, I think because I saw a recommendation post in tumblr. Filled my 2 days while waiting for Itakiss on Friday. Never expect I’ll be hooked with this drama. It’s your another typical j-dorama. But I like the laid back feelings I get from watching this.

What surprises me was Sorai character. He’s really lifeless for the first episode, before he met Inaba and she kind of became a push factor for him to face his reality, to accept and to move on. They both compliments each other really well.

Sorai with his life issues.


Sorai finally confronted his issues and get comforted by none other.


Sorai is back to his former self who is always full of energy and with new goal.

His now only problem is…

The second time Inaba been trolled by Sorai’s order of speech! 😀

Which enough, making me ship this couple so hard, and this series is really worth watching.


See! Enough reason to watch this! 😀

All pictures credit to their rightful owner in tumblr!


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  1. Yep! Didnt know who he was before this series. Im surprised that he was that guy in Rich Man Poor Woman. Did I get the title right? And how ironic is that both Ayano Go and Furukawa Yuki were both in that series?! And now star leading two series that I like? XD

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