Irie Naoki’s fiancee?

Someone posted this picture in tumblr. Two unfamiliar figures are in there. Perhaps she’s Naoki’s soon to be fiancee? It’s a high possibilities cuz we cud see the father as well?

Ufff.. my heart hurts for Kotoko already, and for Kin-chan.

And for my thoughts on ep 10 of ITAKISS?

OMFGGGGGG. Too much goodness! I was literally flailing, squealing, squishes my knee (hmmm?) quietly in the dark. I have to wait til 1am local time to be able to watch the raw. We don’t want to wake my children and hubby, ne? Hihihi.

I know everyone’s been talking about it the morning after it airs! How there are actually 2 kisses in episodes! Naoki’s mischievous smile! the hug! The stare! I’ll just talk about my fav scene. XDDD

It’s going to be when Naoki woke up the next morning after they sleep together on the same bed, head turns to his left to find Kotoko and she’s not there. He stood up to find her. Ufff. I love that scene so much, I repeated quite a few times. Partly, because I’m trying to read Naoki’s expressions there. Lol. It’s my second fav scene after this scene.


credits the pic n gif to the rightful owner.


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