ItaKiss ep 9 thoughts & ep 10 teaser

is very bad for my heart! How can I wait for it for another week?!!!!!!! You know what that picture means, don’t you? Kyaaaah!


And the appearance of the old Kotoko!!!


Watched ep 9 raw with my limited japanese knowledge. So I might misunderstood some scenes while writing these.

Anyway, ep9, their time together is less but I really like when Naoki noticed Kotoko being lifeless there. And he actually went to the tennis court and went and see Yuki to find out what has happened to Kotoko ne? His way of gathering information is unnoticeable. Sasuga. XD.

I almost cried when Kotoko said it’s fine for him to like Yuko. Omg. I really feel for her. From her being like that, and how she noticed she’s being trouble to anyone being like that and tried her best in the end. It’s quite slowed down a bit when Kotoko being depressed here and there, but it really brings the best effect for that scene. For me it is. And their chemistry got better and better. Naoki’s expression has become softer throughout this episode and I believe from here on.

When Kotoko passes without noticing Naoki I literally pump fist in the air, “Yes! Shake him! Make him curious!” Lol. Naoki’s concern look. Ohhhhhhhh. <333333333

And Satomi and Jinko. Ohh. I love their friendship and frenziness. Lol. Even went to Naoki’s school, shouting rage. Jinko’s “Mukatsuku-n desu kedo!” is the best! Lol! Their personalities really showed that they’re from F-class as Naoki stated.

One of the best thing I like with this series is of course the directing. They tend to take long shots and not cutting here and there. For example, the scene where Naoki went to the court from Sudo to Naoki walking to him, close up to Naoki’s expression and Yuko calling to him. It’s like we’re watching it live and emphasize on what we (fangirl) wants. ┬áNormally, we would see Sudo calling, the camera to Naoki walking then them together then Yuko calling. K-drama style, face up close. Hah.

It’s very Irie Naoki-like when “he kind of explained” to Kotoko what she misunderstood by having her to meet the Matsumoto siblings. And he can’t leave a day without teasing Kotoko. Tsk tsk.

And last but not least, I squealed together with Kotoko when he said her name. XDDDDD


2 thoughts on “ItaKiss ep 9 thoughts & ep 10 teaser

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  1. Hm I felt like the cinematography was a bit different this time, I’m not sure why! I wish this whole episode wasn’t based on a misunderstanding. =_= I think they could’ve used the time more wisely. On the other hand, some of the side characters got a chance to have more screentime. I cracked up at Irie-mama and Kotoko’s girlfriends!

    1. The cinematography does feel different a few times for me. At one point it had me thinking, they probably experimenting their techniques. =p

      Tbh, I fast forwarded a little when Kotoko all depressed. Wish it wouldn’t take that long. I thought that maybe they’d end this episode with either Kotoko stays at Naoki or Yuki collapsing. *forget which comes first*

      Looking at the preview for the next episode, it’s like this separation makes Naoki can’t contain his feelings anymore. XDDDD Urgh. The wait.

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