More Itazura na Kiss : Love in Tokyo

I’m rewatching Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo episodes. Watched episode 8 last night and couldn’t get enough of it. Urgh.

What it has done to me?! As much as I hate what’s going to happen next week, it will also lead to something more big next two weeks! Can’t wait how they’ll play out the confession’s scene, ne?

Anyway. I’m now rewatching episode 3 right now. This scene.

Which this thought strike in my head. Naoki always comfirming Kotoko’s love for him, ne?

Let’s see.

The start of everything.

Episode 1.

Declaration of war.

Of course, on top of being dumped harshly, she’d naturally give up on you, right Naoki?

Episode 2.

Naoki warming up to her. Having spent one whole week tutoring Kotoko.

Proof of the ‘damage’ she has done.

Episode 3.

She then said this.

Confirmation 1. During the period of her stay.

Episode 4.

Confirm 2. Valentine’s Day, y’know what it means in Japan.

Episode 5.

Naoki uncomfortable with Kotoko’s relationship with Kin-chan.


Motto. Running after Kin-chan.



Making sure she doesn’t sway and his ship’s not shaken. Tsk. Tsk.

Episode 6.

And nothing happened. Thought that you saved your ship, haven’t you, Naoki? Think again. Kin-chan’s there.

Petty payback. It’s actually the other way around, ne Naoki? Well, we can say this is another way of confirming. XD

Episode 7.

Kotoko moved out and gave up on Naoki. Naoki went to tennis court to see her.

Episode 8.

Really, Naoki. How unconfident with his own self.

Just say this is another way of confirming. 😀 That she’s willing to go on a date with him. Hehehe


2 thoughts on “More Itazura na Kiss : Love in Tokyo

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  1. Oiiiiii nikureshi~~ I am happy to see your compilation of moments in INK that are worthy of revisiting! EHEHEHEHEHE.

    I still don’t get why Naoki thought that Kotoko was really going out with Sado though. Like did he really believe Yuko when she told him about the ‘rumor’? T_T”

    1. heisui! thank you for visiting! hehe. see, i’m not a good blogger and bad with words.
      as i was trying to compile the scenes, i keep getting distracted and screencapped most of naoki and kotoko scenes! it makes me deviated from what i intend to do! this series is such a disease. O.O i refrained myself and ended up with rather a short one. LOL.

      Yuko said it in the most convinving way, that’s why! Lol. and Sudo-san was on top of Kotoko! It’s rare to see both of them together outside tennis court. We know and he knows that Kin-chan’s the only guy-friend she has, ne? So, maybe that’s why?

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