Bloody Monday

I finished this series last week. Watched it for the whole week. It wasn’t as good as I expected though I was impressed by one or two scenes, but mostly how good looking Miura Haruma is. Lol. And how I was so distracted by Takeru’s hair (eventhough I love him, this hair of him really doesn’t suit him. Same as him in Mei-chan no Shitsuji ne?).

I finished downloading Season 2. And as soon as I finished episode 1, I started watching Season 2 right away, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. Too many people are dying and depressing. The same feeling as I get when I watched Gantz anime. But Gantz, the feeling is much more deeper. Anyway, I stopped at episode 2. I’ll watch it again whenever I’m feeling like it. Too much repetition too. So, yeah. Season 1 is enough for now. Haruma in Last Cinderella is much more daring and improved and matured, so I’m much much more content with that. Haa!

And I found this in tumblr! If you watch this and watch Ouran High School.


Quote: omgjghdgi i believe you are very lost, doctor sir.


cr: whyisitpink tumblr

My random thought while watching this:

I still find Miura Haruma’s smile is awkward.

His sister sleeps most of the time. Being dragged here and there.

Hair! Even my son said he had a really bad hair. =.=;;


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