Switch Girl Season 1 & 2

And so I finished the dorama over the last weekend. It has been in my list (season 1) eversince it was aired. And since the subbed was late (it looks like that no one will sub it) I delayed watching it. I’ve been following the manga so I’m interested to know how the live-action goes.

It was the other day when I browse through internet that I found out that there is actually season 2 of switch girl. “It must’ve been well received.” I thought. So I checked online streaming sites and there it was, season 1 completely subbed and season 2 as well!

I guess both actor and actress did a decent acting. Their chemistry got better in season 2. What really bothered me was the storyline. How it boldly show ecchi stuff to audience. I don’t mind if it targeted mature audience but this is a high school drama. And how it is easy for them to show that they should lose their virginity during high school and all. It’s really not a good watch for high school students even if it’s really reality out there. And how there are even rape (several) attempts as well. Sigh. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Never. Even if Kiriyama Renn really rock it in season 2. XD


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