Great Inheritance

I’m on a land with scarce connectivity which means, I can’t download nor watch new drama online. Booo. Oh well, I actually have tons of drama I need to finish anyway, so those will be accompanying my days and nights instead of piling them up even more. I really need to finish watching those dramas that I have downloaded. Great Inheritance is an old drama. I dowloaded it because I was looking for everything Kim Jae Won after I’ve finished ‘Can You Hear My Heart’. My Kim Jae Won’s first drama was My Love Pattzi. It was long ago, I think around it was around 2004. One of my first kdramas ever.

It’s funny at first how I’ve seen most of the cast’s other dramas. I didn’t read the synopsis or who’s in it or everything. So I’m surprised to see Han Ji Min’s the main lead. I’ve seen her in Rooftop Prince (need to finish that one in one of these days), it was a downhill drama for me..and Running Man. Lately been seeing her in Dae Janggeum as well in our local tv. Then there was bunch of child actors and I recognize uri Hye Ri from High Kick. Oww.. she’s such a cutie but that loud voice and antiques are there. Lol. It’s funny how I watch the teenager her first, then middle school, then kindergarten. Lol.

It was a classic, laid back and relax drama which I really appreciate.


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