High Kick Through the Roof

So, I was having FBDN withdrawal. I hang on to the last episode of FBND and started looking for someYSY-else to watch. I’ve watched Tak Gu when it was aired. I never YSY fan, cuz I thought he overacted most of his scenes and was really drawn to Joo Won, who is so like KDW (<3). And then I watched his next work, “Me too, Flower”. He’s OK, but the storyline ruins it but I think I might go back and finish it off (for YSY sake). XD

First, I started to watch High Kick Through the Roof, which was the appearance of YSY. It was my first ever K-Sitcom and I’m glad I watch it. I know its popularity, the High Kick series, but never had the urge to give it a try. It was really funny and has all sorts of elements and it blends really well, not random. I like the flow of storyline for each character and I really like all of the characters. Bo Suk manages to get me really annoyed with him just like everyone who knows him in the series. That’s how well this sitcom was made. Except, I feel the downfall of the script and the direction its going in the last few episodes. It’s sad how it comes to that, but nevertheless it was a really good sitcom and highly recommended by me! Mwahaha.

My fav episodes of the sitcom is the short story of Hwang Jung Eum and his ex-bf, Il-woo and Heli. It was a bittersweet ending. I’m such a sucker to a short story just like oneshots in manga. ^^ I LOLed everytime jealousy flame shoots off Lee Sun Jae’s eyes and eventually his son, Ji Hoo and Jun Hyuk as well. XD


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