Rich Man, Poor Woman

Anything by Ishihara Satomi is always a pleasant to watch for me. But I’m never Oguri Shun’s fan. I like the fact that she is short and he is super tall. Heee. Just because I’m short and I like tall guys. Pfft. So, this is something else. Shun is really good looking in this. While I’m in the midst of drama slump weeks and weeks, this drama shoot me back up.

Mind me, but I really think the current batch of kdramas, (including great writers works such as: A Gentleman’s Dignity, BIG) are not great. So, yeah. Shun and Satomi, my saving grace. Bring on, J-Romance!

What’s great about it? It has goal, realistically detailed setup company and environment, Hyuga’s complex and Sawaki Chihiro’s mystery. LOVE.

That ending in episode 1 really got me. It is sooo unexpected and that really got my interest. It’s my crack this year, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I really hope I find out about it when it’s over so I can sit through the nights and finish it one-shot. Ahh! The wait is killing me!


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