Salaryman Chohanji

All forgiven because of the good ending!

How I am going to miss thee so so badly.

History of Salaryman/Salaryman Chohanji 

This is what I’m talking about! It’s sad that this series hasn’t got that many attention in Soompi T_T thus not much information. But I’m glad a few bloggers that I visited love this series! Hah! It’s funny, suspense, romance in the air, no love-triangle and 4D characters! I love how absurd their characters are and lively. It’s a breathe of fresh air. XD

28/2: So so so so good! It’s better and better! I’m so glad, the business war is still intact and more development with the couples. ^^
29/2: Cuss YeoChi is back! Her relationships with YB is Love. But, what’s up with getup YB? There are plenty of styles you can go for to look notorious. Hope you’re back as your usual-self next week. And aww… I’m starting to fall slowly for HW for his romantic and cute sides. I should put forward his drama, Dr. Champ to watch next. Hmm Hmm!

7/3: Ep 20! What a cliffhanger! But hey, it most likely a redemption road to our HW to finally go against MGB instead of just being a mannequin there. I didn’t expect him to be a nice guy, just that for him to take action against MGB. D<


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