It was in 2006 when I started listening to K-pop songs. Internet available was 56kbps back then. Yeah, and p2p applications were at large. Remember napster and everything? It started with drama, and I was obsessed with everything korean. But I was really young at that time with limited source. I don’t think Youtube was even popular back then. P2P and soompi forums was how I get a hold of korean songs.

I listened to Shinhwa, G.O.D, N.R.G, Big Mama and Jo Sung Mo (get to know him because a very rare little shop that I accidentally found sold korean mvs cds I was SO DAMN HAPPY I bought all volume, I think there are like 4 cds in total but sadly I lost them now, and there were only ballad songs in there with famous actors in the mvs). It feels like that the only store in the whole Malaysia who sold korean songs). They are my favorites.

But among all of them, I’m a fan of N.R.G and this particular album. (I miss Lee Sung Jin, him in X-men is hilarious. XD It’s sad of what he’s been through now)


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