[Draft] Return of Iljimae

Someone in Soompi’s ROI thread posted this:

It’s hard to believe that Iljimae is a fictional character. His character is very well and detailed and very well portrayed by Jung Il Woo. I’ve watched his other works, 49 days, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and his current series the Moon/Sun, I have to say Iljimae was a very challenging character and memorable for him and for his fans, so far. I personally think he’s very lucky gotten hold of this character, cuz we can clearly see at the early stage of his career, he’s been given such a good oppurtunities to learn and richen his experience. (I gave up trying to find subbed videos for High Kick and contenmplating of watching my fair lady, hmm even he himself was confused with his character)

There are lots of things to love about Return of Iljimae:

1. Jung Il Woo, tall and looks like a girl.

2. Beautiful cinematography. Like really beautiful.

3. Eventhough the narration can be super annoying sometime, but it really was helpful. (lots of unnecessary remarks tho =.=;)

4. The fact that Iljimae is not a perfect hero. He has been going through all sorts emotions and we can see what makes him how he is at the end of the series.

5. Dal/Wol Hee is not a weak whiny heroine. She’s a wise and a brave woman.


Remarks while watching:

I found myself falling deep into Iljimae’s world. I read somewhere that this series didn’t do well in the ratings, but I think I know why. I started this because of Jung Il Woo, but I did research a bit if this is worth a try. There are couple of good reviews so I gave it a try anyway. It took my connection (plus lack of seeders) to finish downloading the whole series. I tried to watch ep1-3 first while waiting for the rest to finish downloading. I had a hardtime liking the execution of the story. Part of it because of the narration. It’s necessary, but it’s too much. It helps a lot to understand the whole story and I really appreciate it, but I just don’t like the side comments it’s giving and the tone its using. Episode 1 was a bore and they took a lot of time introducing each character, but I kind of really appreciate it now.


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