Me too, Flower!

Hey, this is actually good. Never expect this, at all. I’m hooked by first episode. I’m not a fan of both Lee Jia and Yoon Shi Yoon but they execute their characters well. Most of all, their chemistry is great. I love seeing them both onscreen. I can’t wait to see their development. This is so underrated. What can it do, when it has to go up against Deep Rooted Tree? But I’m glad I gave this a try and I think everyone should. XD

This scene, cracks me up SO MUCH! XDDD

Update: After watching ep7-8, man, I hate whrere this is going. When I feel that I can figure out Beong Seon’s character, I can’t accept her vulnerability. And Jae Hui’s a bit forceful and overreact. I know they did great, but for now I can’t watch further. T_T Earlier episodes were great, though.


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  1. Oh, don’t give up yet! Well, if you really want a romantic comedy, then I guess it’ll be best if you stop at Episode 8. However, though the second half has a kind of messy plot, the reactions stayed true to their characters. And I think that’s the strength of Me Too, Flower! It’s the characterization and acting. So instead of asking ‘What’s happening?’ in this series…it’s more of ‘who are they?’ ‘why are they reacting that way?’ etc. When you watch ’till the end, that’s when it all makes sense. I also love the ending. Not overly done, but just right.

  2. Hi ladyheart!

    Aww.. thanks for your thoughts.
    I’m not really expecting romcom all the way without conflict and such. It’s just me, I know. It’s just that, when I just get the hang of Bong Sun’s character, which in my mind eventhough she’s a self-conflict, she’s still put up a really strong front and firm with her belief. It just baffled me when she actually broke down and beg Jae Hee not to leave her. It’s not like her at all. I like how you say instead of asking ‘What’s happening?’ it’s more like ‘Who are they and why,”

    Maybe I should give this another try and watch til the end. 😀

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