Hanazakari Kimitachi e ~ Ikemen Paradise

Before I say anything.

I discovered her, AnonBlackMV channel last few days. I forget what MV I was actually looking for. Oh yeah, I think I was looking for Can You Hear My Heart MV, my top fav k-drama of 2011. Then I check out her other MVs cuz I love how she do it. Good selections of scenes and songs. Remember I watched Ikemen Desu ne last 2 days? And I said it was good? I watched Hanakimi 2011 rightaway when I have the mood to watch j-dorama, and I’m really really glad I give it a try. This show topped Ikemen Desu ne with no hesitation. XD

I think my first impression when I wrote my entry about expectations of these j-doramas isn’t as high. 😀 This version definitely better. I’m a big fan of the manga, and I watched every version there are out there. Like I’ve been saying everywhere (lol) it has more emotions. Everyone keeps comparing from the old, but really, it’s from the manga, people. Can’t say it’s a rip-off. Pfft. And I like how they tweaked a bit. I like everyone’s character, and we have more indepth to everyone around Ashiya and how she actually supported everyone of them.


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