[First Quarter] What 2011 has served me… – Dream High

I will go through the list by looking at the list at d-addicts.com. And I will only write what I vaguely remember of each series. I just don’t have the time to go and re-watch certain scenes or anything of the sort.

First Quarter:

I agree with some blogger who said this is an underdog drama. It passed my eyes like I don’t give a damn at all the moment it aired. I knew about it, but the thought of main characters consist of idols, scares me. Based on my experience, very few idols have decent acting talent. *Shrugs* And I don’t know who Kim Soo Hyun was.

There was such a fuss at Rebel Souls; the blog of k-drama that I visited everyday. I knew softy dropped it for the first few episodes, but after the regulars there endlessly telling her to give it one more try, it’s getting so good and she did and even transcap it. That perked my ears.

And so it happened that I watched a Happy Together episode on KBSWorld with Dream High cast! And my eyes fixed on… Kim Soo Hyun! Oh, my! Who is he? Is he a singer? An actor? I immediately looked him up everywhere and finally decided to give this show a try. And I think I remember the show has only 3 weeks left before it ends and I had to catch up all of the episodes and spazz. XD

Of course everyone who watch this will always remember these scenes ^^~

And this sugar inducing couple!

The song that Jason danced to in earlier episode still rings in my head. I played Only Hope again and again even after the drama ended. What the drama left for me, is like everyone says is the premise they try to convey to us; hope and dreams. Kim Soo Hyun’s acting definitely left such a big impression to me. He really did well portraying Sam Dong and the moment where he’s in despair losing his hearing. The feelings I felt for him, still lingers here. And how Hye Mi and few last episodes realized that she actually likes him. Ah, I wish they’d extend a little bit more of them being together, but that’s IT. That’s what makes it memorable for me. :DDD The feeling of longing for more. XD


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