In Time With You

This is sooo going to be in my list, just because I LOVE THE HAIR! URGH! I miss GONG YOO!

Which while we’re on the T-DRAMA topic, these are the ones in my to-watch-list-whenever-it-may-be: I should finish watching this

Edit: Apr 2013

Finally finished this series. Thank you zenithsubs for finishing the subs for this. Really really appreciate it. And I like the fact that Bo Lin speaks Japanese! Heee.

Anyway, it’s a good drama, but repetitive.


5 thoughts on “In Time With You

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    1. It’s not. Actually this is the first time I ever heard of it! I’m currently following Just You. Though I think I’m going to stop watching after last week’s episode. >.>;

      I know. I watch just for the pretty. And both leads acting are meh. Somehow it was fun, with lots of fast forwards. I need my drama dose but everything really don’t catch my interest. So I just watch whatever. Lol.

      The only T-drama that’s been really in my waiting list is Summer Desire. You think it’s worth watching.

      And I’ll check out Queen of SOP! Thank you for the recommendation!

      ps: sorry for the late reply. i just find the time to log into my blog. 😀

      1. Wow…i’ve been vacuumed from my blog for a long long time 🙂 . Watch any good chinese/taiwanese drama lately? I’m back to watch kdrama and have not seen any chinese/taiwanese drama for quite some time

      2. There are a lot of good chinese dramas rather taiwanese lately! I really liked My Mr Mermaid, A Love So Beautiful and Attention, Love.

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