Look at that sloppy poster. What’s with Ikuta Toma’s picture there? =.=;

Voice is a medical and mystery 2009 drama. Despite of being mystery, the plot is so straightforward and predictable. The cases were eyebrow-frowning at first, but 10-15 minutes of the story you can figure them out. It’s more like a human drama, which in the end of every episode teaches you lessons about social and self, and they should just use that genre instead.

Yes, I’m disappointed. I was excited for the first episode, but it’s getting more and more ridiculous each episode. I put it up until episode 7. It was about a died woman with a bruise on her stomach, sent to autopsy and her husband opposed it. These students, especially the girl being curious as what caused her death pleaded to the husband to permit the autopsy. A result of investigation came and said she fell and her stomach hit something. And Daiki (Eita) investigates more and found out her stomach was hurt even before she fell. They go and plead the husband again saying she hid something from him and permit it at last. During that, I was thinking, don’t tell me it was because of cancer.

And to my dismay… the COD was because of the stomach hit the hard object after all… and she hid something from you. “Cancer and she knew she had one” I was like “WTF!” and throwing things in my head. What’s the purpose of autopsy, duh?! You can get that by looking through her medical records and not by autopsy! RAWR!

I’m so frustrated I had to type this out. =.=;


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