49 Days

Finally, after been delaying watching the last 2 episodes of this series, I’ve watched it last night. Despite of having read and heard so many dissapointed voices out there about the ending, I tried not to be skeptical and clear my head while watching it. I still hold on to one of the k-drama blogger out there that she’s satisfied with the ending and it wraps up beautifully or how it should be or how it’s not all over the place.

But, I’m going to have to agree with the majority that half of ep19 until ep20 is a complete bull. I was so invested with this series, and oh my god, it reminded me of Bad Guy’s ending. Anyway, I still in disbelief they just did that. Yi Kyung a lost sister? A taboo sister who can’t even (worth) mentioning in 19 1/2 episodes and the memories of her suddenly pops up to conclude the story? Seriously? I mean, that a flaw giveaway. I find the story so perfect and they had to go with that, and now I’m thinking back about the perfect earlier episodes and how flaw it is by not mentioning the sister. It ruins bigtime. Sigh. It feels they’re at lost on how to end it with the remaining hours and carelessly decided, oh, well, let’s do this. It’s so frustrating.


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