You’ve Fallen for Me Episode 3 Screencaps

I love this song. I hope it’ll be available in OST soon!


“Always exactly the same sky…

always exactly the same day…”

“The only thing that is different is that you’re not here…”

“I thought I’ve let you go without anything left…”

“No, no, I still haven’t able to let you go…”

“Longing for you, I am longing for you…”

“Because I am longing for you…

I call you and call you by myself everyday…”

“Missing you, I am missing you…”

“Because I am missing you…”

“Now I just call out your name like a habit…”

Whoa! I know how this feels… oh, youth…

“Useless slave…” Heh, I definitely loving these two interactions with each other. I must say these two what saves the show… for me, alone.

Apology letters…

“Are you to Campus Couple?”

Ha, we wish!

“I said, are you two dating?”





“No way!”

“I have high standards…”


“One sided love?”


We say, you’re a psychic, professor!

LOL. Her apology letter is funny, even more funny the way Shin reads it! XD

“I’m SO SO SO sorry.”

“I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY regretting what I’ve done.”


“Stupid girl?!”

“Who’s the stupid girl?”



Punishment! Cute, professor. I wuv you for giving this two some quality time alone togetha~

Hoot, hoot, hoot…


Time for me to have some fun… play around and trying various outfits.. and BAM! Power outage~ Yay~

Ended staying close, and when the light’s on…

“Lee Shin..”

Whoa, she’s close! Isn’t she… hehehe..

It’s abit awkward looking, but you did fine, Lee Shin. I hope she grows on you more~

Just because. . .


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