A look into Summer J-drama list…

Like it’s not enough list of K-drama to watch. I’m overwhelm by so many good series this year, I bite my nails and sigh thinking of how little time I have to watch all of them. And yet, this morning, I woke up, stare blankly at the monitor, contemplating on what to watch. I caught up with City Hunter, and I’m stuck at episode to You’ve Fallen For Me. I still can’t find anything about that series that can piqued my interest, but I’ll watch anyway, because I want to believe in the PD (read in Dramabeans that he’s helping with the script).

Anyway, and so it has been awhile since I poked my head to J-dorama sides of Dramawiki. Lol. So, I’m wondering of new drama this season.

“I’ll watch” list.

1. Hi wa Mata Noboru

Actually, Japan is good with this kind of drama. They’re good with keeping the suspense, the tension, the rhythm, the thrill and the plot of this kind of drama. They always give valuable insights and valuable life lesson especially in social life. I kind of gave up to romantic genre of jdrama few years ago. That’s probably because k-drama is much better in that genre. So, I’m really looking forward to this drama, because 1) Great lineup of casts, there’s Miura Haruma, my top fav jdrama actor, Narimiya Hiroki, sexy j-actor, hee!!Sato Koichi, my fav senior actor and Ikematsu Sosuke, a promising actor, he was in The Last Samurai acting along with Tom Cruise, cool, huh? Glad he’s been given more roles now and Maya Miki, a senior actress, I just love her in her every role ^^ 2) a police academy drama means uniform! *cough* not that I’m a uniform moe. Heh.

2. Zenkai Girl

Finally, a rom-com!! And it’s a plus because Aragaki Yui and you know what, my hubby isn’t a fan of Asian entertainment, at all, but I made him watch My Boss My Hero which is a great and funny drama, and he was really smitten by her. Ever since then, he’ll sometimes say her name in the drama, Yumemura-san. Urgh. But, she’s a good romance genre actress. XD And double plus because it’s Nishikado Ryo! Read the tagline of the drama in the wiki, and you’ll get a gist of what the story is going to be. ^^

3. Hanawake no Yon Shimai

It’s a family drama and it looks like fun. Will going to give it a try. I just can’t find enough info of it on the web. ^^;

Here are the one’s that caught my attention at first, but doubt about it after looking at the casts. Lol.

1. Ouran High School Host Club 

I’m a HUGE fan of the anime as well as the manga. I just can’t stomach this guy, Yamamoto be Tamaki. He’ll always be so girly and feminine in my head. So, I don’t think I can sit through this drama. T_T

That aside, let’s reminisce the Opening Song of this great anime~ I want second season! Now that the manga finally ends with the total of 83 chapters.

2. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011

Again, I’m such a fan of the manga. The manga is SO GOOD, I don’t think any live adaptation can capture the exact feel of the manga. While Taiwanese version is very close, following every plot of the manga, but the female lead is really exaggerated her role, while the male lead, is just, stiff. It’s like watching Korean & Taiwanese version of Rui (Hana Yori Dango). The previous of Hanazakari no Kimtachi e 2007, was OK. I’m not fond of Shun Oguri though. I can’t understand why he’s famous, but that’s probably because I didn’t watch him in his top drama/movie or something? But looking through these casts, they’re all just too young for me (Maybe I’m just getting old). So I guess, I pass this one too.

3. Ikemen Desu ne (You’re beautiful k-drama remake)

I can’t believe it’s hard to find clips of the remake, but at least we get to listen a bit to the japanese ver. of Promise, the OST.


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