Because of the wisdom of the last 2 dramas that I watched, Best Love & Can You Hear My Heart? My heart is weak towards this kind of villain. Every words that comes out from his mouth, sets fire inside me. I wish someone could kill him off, but no, that’d only make my City Hunter even more sad. He wanted to save his ‘father’ from the darkness he’s in no matter what. I just had to make this post to vent my anger towards.

And I reached at episode 14. And I can’t help myself but wondering why the heck he wants Lee Yoon Sung to kill the bad 5 so… badly? I mean, it shows us that he capable enough to do it himself, but no, he keeps threatening him to the evil deeds for him. Poor guy.

And I’m so helplessly in love with City Hunter in ep13. Heee!


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