My best crack.

What is my best crack of all TIME?

The Greatest Love?

Ding Dong!

CHAThena in Best Love! Taking your imagination to another height! Rawr!

credits: Eun Park

Will this cure your withdrawal syndrome?


On 23rd of June 2011, marks the end of this series. Oh, I so don’t want it to end. I still want to linger around in that strange world. I seem can’t be pulling myself out of it. No words can describe how much I love this drama. It’s the best drama yet, for me. It gives me more than just a drama. It lets me meet wonderful people over at Best Love Dictionary, shyangz who posted lots of good MVs and parodies and especially Jeonwoochi <3, Thundie (she loves Kang Dong Won!), and last but not least Softy who I can never thank enough for her fast transcap and beutiful insights. And me to discover a lot of things both in myself and in virtual world. And I thank all the good cast, the good directing and especially the good writing.

I also loved their OST. So, here it is. You can download the OST here:

Kpopparazi: The Greatest Love OST


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